Monday, March 17, 2014

Memory card tech-how to recover deleted, formatted, lost data from memory card

The worst things for a digital gadgets is losing data from the memory card of the devices. These kinds of situations always happen in mobile phone, digital camera, or other devices which need to store data in memory card.It feel like a kick to your stomach when data loss happen to your memory card. And you must be eager to want to know how to recover data from memory card.

There are a number of reasons for data loss on memory card. Deletion, formatting,etc-The most common causes are faulty memory cards and operator error.

The most common reason for faulty memory card is buying cheap unbranded cards or either knowingly or unwittingly buying fake cards. When troubles happen, users always tend to do a formatting, deleting all data in the memory card.

When data loss from memory card, most users misunderstand that data have lost permanently.However, the fact is not, the deleted, formatted files won't removed from the reference to their position merely, but if you keep using the devices, or save new data to the memory card may cause overwriting for them. Besides, corrupted card means the information of data were lost, even if you format the card, there is still possible to get back lost data.

So, what can we do, if we want to recover deleted, formatted, lost data from memory card

For memory card deleted, formatted, lost data recovery, the first thing is unplugging the memory card from the devices and keeping it in safe. This action can reduce the chance of data overwriting.

And then, you can find memory card recover software in the web, based on your computer OS, you can choose Windows version or Mac version. Many memory card recovery software have two recovery modes-standard more and professional mode. Standard mode can scan and recover data faster, but when the standard mode can't find out the data you want, you can try to use professional mode to scan, it takes more time but more effective. You need to be patient when you need to recover a large number of data in a memory card, generally speaking, it will take a few hours.

memory card data recovery

How to work with memory card data recovery software

The steps depend on what kinds of recovery software utility you choose. However, the operations to restore lost data from memory card in recovery software are similar.

Firstly, you need to connect the memory card to computer with card-reader. When you launch the memory card recovery software in the PC, it will automatically recognize your memory card as a removable drive. If your card was corrupted, it can't show the name.

Then, you just select the memory card you want to recover. The scanning will begin. After scanning, most software will show the preview of data in the windows, it is very convenient for memory card photo recovery. In this windows, you can choose the data you want to recover, finally just save the recovered data to another place. Remember in this step, don't save the recovered data to the original memory card.

Here is a card data recovery software I have tried, I think it can give you some references:

Card Data Recovery for Windows:

Card Data Recovery for Mac:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Memory card data recovery-Recover deleted, formatted photos from SD card

SD card photos recovery

Lost SD card photos via deletion or formatting by accident?

As the popular with many digital devices such as camera, smart-phone, etc, people become more and more familiar with the a kind of stuff of digital devices-SD card. SD card bring many conveniece to our life. With its small size body but big storage ability, we can store many data such as photo in our camera, smart-phone,etc.

although SD cards bring us with great convenience, they are not perfect. Sometimes you may notice that your digital device requires you to format the card due to various errors or unknown reasons. You formatted it without hesitate, but later hundreds of precious pictures or videos were gone. And many accidental deletion in your SD card can make you be frustrated in SD card photos recovery.

How to recove deleted, formatted photos from SD card

To start with, you need to connect your SD card to computer,of course, you can use a card-reader to load your SD card on computer.Besides, you can directly connect your camera or phone (with the card inside) via the USB cable.

And then, Download and intall photo recovery software, such as Card Data recovery it will scan out those lost photos for you.

Lastly, you can preview those lost photos in recovery software, and you just need to recover which you need.

What situation you need to formate SD card-to prevent unecessary formatting

» SDcard shows RAW file system
» The messages about "SD card is not formatted; do you want to format it now?" occur in devices.
» SD card cannot be recognized
» SD card is not accessible

When above situations happen, you can consider to formate your SD card to make it work again.

SD card Deleted, formatted photos reocvery tips

When you recover photos from SD card, you have tyo know some tips:

» Plug out the CF card off the digital device when you lose data inside
» Protect the card from suffer any physical damage
» Better connect the card to computer via card reader when you perform the data recovery
» Never attempt to save recovered data to the original memory card
» Try with the recovery software one more time to find more data that hasn't found for the first time

More memory card recovery tips:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Save Corrupted SD card-Recover photos from corrupted SD card

Camera SD card was corrupted, my heart was freezed

I was enjoying my holidays with my friends in last month. Of course, I love to take many photos to record all the wonderful moments with my friends. However, when I had finished the taking, I immediately turned off the camera, which stopped data storage inconsciously. So, when I wanted to transfet all the photos to computer to edit. The SD card was corrupted and I counldn't see anything from the card, at this moment, I was scared to die and my heart seemed to stop bitting. I didn't know how can I recover photos from corrupted SD card. Those photos are meaningful for me.

Help my photos-recover lost photos from corrupted memory card

At the last night of the holidays, I had no mood to find solution for corrupted card photo recovery, and it is inconvenient to do something in outdoor. I ejected the memory card from camera. So I was hurry to search on Internet when I finished the holidays to work.

I knew from the web that the only way can fix the corrupted SD card is formatting, but it may cause data loss permanently. My point is wanting to restore lost photos from memory card, so my mind turn to the recovery software, because my SD card still can be recognized by computer.

Besides, a tech-geek on the web said that, if those data in the memory card were overwritten, any recovery program can't work for data recovery. Therefore, I swithon the lock of my SD card to avoid any data writting.

I was keeping searching for any recommended card data recovery software on the forums and Q&A websites.Different people had different choices. During the the searching, I learned more about camera memory card utility software and maintenance skill of SD card. Finally, I came across a program called Card Data Recovery. This software has good reputation in Cnet, and I like its clean UI and clear gudies for users. So I downloaded and purchased the registered code(cheap enough).

After all, I began to follow the guides to get back my lost photos from my SD card.

The leason I learned from this corrupted card photo recovery trouble

I've leaned a lot from this trouble, when we take photos with camera:

1.Buy a good memory card for your camera

There are many fake or bad memory card on the market, we had better not buy the one that are too cheap, they may be fake in some brand or the re-newed products.

2.Use the memory card in camera correctly
As you know from experience, my wrong operation made my SD card corrupted. And I knew from the web that there are many usage details needed to pay attention by us. You can search more by youselves.

3.You had better backup for your memory card data regular

I think backup is a good habit in data storage, when your memory card have store a number of files, you can backup them to another storage media. Backup can reduce your loss the trouble happen.

Oh. this my experience of camera corrupted card photos recovery.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tips to get back holiday photos easily

We just had some big holidays such as the Christmas and New Year holiadays. These are the good time for us to gathering families and friends.We should take photos to record the happy monment in this days.However, some accidents may happen unexpectedly, that cause holiday photo lost. In this case, you may worry about how to recover lost photos

recover deleted photos from camera

Photo loss happens easily in our life

"I took many nice pictures to record all the wonderful moments with my families in the Christmas. However, I accidentally deleted them in my camera without backup. Any way can help me get back those holiday photos? I would like to lose them which is meaningful!" ---Come from Yahoo Answers

This isthe reason why I write this blog post.After those holidays, so many people asked on the web for the sulution of camera, mobile phone, memory card photo recovery. They lost their cherish picture about holiday families and friends reunion by deletion, formatting or other devices' errors.I can sum up some common occasions:

1.Camera photo loss: camera is the most popular tool to take photo in holiday, but most people don't know how to protect photo from loss in camera. They may suffer from photo loss about deletion and camera error. Camera photo recovery is the most question on the web.

2.Mobile phone photo loss: As the widely use of smart-phone, more and more people use a smart-phone with powerful photography features to take photos in daily life. I think many people will use their mobile phone to take photo because of convenience. However, photo in smart mobile phone is more easy to lose than camera. The error of memory card, accidental deletion or OS update can cause photo loss from mobile phone.

3.img files loss in hard drive/computer: Some careful guys may backup their holiday photos to computer or a hard drive. This is good. But this good action can't avoid photo loss happen. Because you can't expect when deletion or computer, hard drive error happen that result in photo loss.

memory card photo loss: this occasion is similar with camera photo loss. You know, most photos are saved in the memory card of camera. And memory card is easier to damage caused by formatting, corruption or physical impacts.

What can help us recover lost photo

Although many unavoidable reasons can cause photo loss from camera, smart phone, memory card and hard drive. There are many ways can help us restore photos form memory card, camera, mobile phone, etc.

However, no matter you lost photo from any devices, the first thing you need to do is calm down and keep the devices carefully.If you still have hope for photo recovery, don't use your devices, no taking photos and saveing new data. Then, try to find a photo recovery software to get back lost holiday photos.

Tenorshare Photo Recovery-is designed to help you find your files back! This robust tool not only recovers digital photos, music, videos from PC, but also recovers other type of files from formatted and damaged digital camera, memory card, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices securely and completely.

1.dowload and install the software to your computer.

2.Connect your devices to computer and make the software scan out your lost photo.(Smart phone can use professional Android data recovery software)

3.After scanning, jsut choose the photos you want to recover, save them in safety.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Card Data Recovery-Recover photos from formatted memory card

Cases about formatting lead to memory card photo loss

1.Necessary formatting when memory card is corrupted

"I need your help, guys! My memory card in the Canon camera was suddenly corrupted, the camera reminded me to format the memory card. when I conneceted the memory card to computer, it said the same thing, so I formatted. However, all the photos in my memory card were gone. Any ways can recover photos from formatted memory card? "

2.Mistaken formatting by accident.

"Help! my 16G Micro-SD card in Samsung Galaxy S4 was addcidentally formatted when I did a factory resetting for my phone. I just wanted to reset my phone, but mistakenly chose the option of formatting memory card. Can you tell me any ways or any tools can recover photos from my formatted memory card, I just want to get back some pics."

Answers about formatted memory card photos recovery for above questions

Believe it or not! It is possible to restore formatted memory card photos.

It depends on how long you have lost the file and what you have done to your memory card after file lost. if you don't save new data to overwrite the foramtted files that were just invisible when you formatted the card.

Tutorial for formatted memory card photos recovery

Step1.Download the Card Data Recovery and install it on your computer.

Step2. Connect your memory card to computer via card reader, and launch the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose the drive that means your memory card and Select the option"photo Recovery".

Step4. After scanning, you can preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click "Recover".

Step5. "Save" all your recovered data in the memory card and you have finished memory card photo recovery.

Similar situations of memory card photos loss

deletion for memory card

Virus attack for memory card

memory card crash

No matter what situations cause data loss from memory card, the first aids rescure for lost memory card data is stopping use the card until you recover lost data from memory card.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to recover deleted files from memory card

Accidentally deleted files from Memory card??

Memory card is very commonly used in our daily life. We store files and data via memory card in camera, mobile phone, tablet computer, music play and video recorder, etc. However, I think you must have been in the trouble about files or data loss from memory card because of accidental deletion. You must be confused to think about whether there is a way to recover deleted files from memory card.

What is "File System"?

You may be wondering for why deleted files in memory card still have chance to be recovered. Actually, deletion doesn't mean erasing in "file system".
What is "file system"? We can simplely recognize it as the center that manage file storage in any storage media, such as memory card, hard drive, flash drive, etc. As long as your device can store files or data, there must be a "file system" is managing your stored files.

Is possible to recover deleted photos from memory card?

Ok, let' s come back to talk about the possibility of memory card deleted files recovery. When we deleted files from memory card, the "file system" will give a tag that means "deleted" to the files. This tag can tell the new data that these files are useless and the space is accessible for new data. At the same time, we can't see the deleted files as normal, but they exactly are still in the storage space of memory card.

Anyway, we can find out that as long as the deleted files are still in the memory card, it is possible to recover them with some ways.
memory card files recovery

What we need to do before memory card deleted files recovery

Through learning the principle of data storage in the memory card, we have known it is possible to restore file from memory card. However, we have to need to do some headwork:

1.Unplug memory card from devices, and keep it safty. If your memory card suffer from shaking, press and other physical damage, there is no hope to get back lost data.

2.The most important thing-don't save any data to memory card when you want to get back files after accidental deletion. As we know, deleted files have been marked "useless" by "file system" and new data can save to the space where the deleted files located before, when new data save to space, the deleted files will be overwritten. Once this situation happen, no one and nothing can help you retrieve data.

3.You can clean something useless in memory card to improve the possibility of data recovery. The memory card has more free space, the possibility of deleted files recovery will be bigger. More free space in memory card can prevent deleted files you want to recover from overwritting.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

To recover memory card deleted files, commonly we need to copy back from backup, but most of us don't have a good sense of important data backup. Beside some devices like camera have a "recovery" feature that can recover lost photos from camera memory card, but this convenient feature is very rare now.

Therefore, we have to use some recovery software to help us scan out and recover deleted files which have been invisible. (This way may not be the best, but it must not be the worst.)

Here is the general step for memory card deleted files recovery via card data recovery software :

Step 1:Download and install recovery software to your computer,( you need to pay attention to the version of those software, such as Card Data Recovery, there are Windows version and Mac version.)

Step 2: Connect your memory card to computer via card-reader, and launch the software, I think you can see the software will detect your memory card as a removable drive.

Step 3: Just follow the guides in the software to finish memory card deleted files recovery, which generally is very easy.

(P.S. when you want to saved recovered files you had better save them to another place rather than the original memory card)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do It Yourself to recover deleted photos from Mac

How can you do when you accidentally deleted photos on Mac machine

I have been used to use Macbook Pro to store and edit photos. I think most of you are like me. Mac machine or Mac OS provide very convenient tool and options for photo editing for us. However, some accidents always happen out of expectation. I ever suffered from photo loss from Macbook. This trouble happend when I just editted some photos which were taken in my vacation. I wanted to delete some not so good photos in the folder, but I didn't know why I selected all photos to delete. So, all the photos were gone, and I saw nothing in the Trash and iPhoto. I didn't want to lose those photos and tried to find solution for Mac deleted photos recovery.

Part I :Use "Time Machine" to restore from backup

Time machine is the backup and restore feature on Mac OS, this feature allows user to set backup and restore setting in a drive disk, when data loss or system crash suddenly, user can restore the whole system including photos, music files,documents, etc to the former time point that were backed up automatically or manually.

recover deleted photos on Mac

I checked my Time machine setting, it didn't make backup data before I accidentally deleted photos. So I need to find another solution.

I recalled that there are some data recovery service companies in my city. Then I asked my friend who is a geek for the phone number of those companies. However, my friend laughed at me that I was wasting my money, since those recovery services are very expensive.Morever, he told me that I can do it myself to recover deleted photos from Mac.

Part II:DIY for Mac deleted photos recovery

What he said about DIY to recover lost data from Mac machine is mac data recovery software. Following his guides, I tried to find some recovery software for Mac on Google. Finally, I choose one that have good reputation.

Card Data Recovery for Mac- is able to recover images, photos and other files from memory card on Mac OS X in various data loss situation: accidental deletion, unintentional quick format or complete format,memory card errors, virus attack etc. No matter SD card, SDHC card, CF card, MMC card,etc the Card Data Recovery program for Mac can get back your deleted or lost data off it in an easy, fast and safe way. It is fully compatible with latest OS X Mountain Lion.

Indeed, I was still nervous although I found this program. Anyway, I just kept trying. Then I installed the trial version of this program to my Macbook, and follow the guides in the program to scan out what I lost in the Mac OS.

Amazing!!!! I can preview the lost photos in the program and I saw those photos I deleted before. Therefore, I decided to buy the full version to restore deleted Mac photos.

Keep in mind when you recover photos from Mac machine

When I operated the recovery, my friend remind me some don'ts when we are doing any data recovery on Mac:

1.Don't save new data to the Mac computer before getting back lost data, especial the drive partition which lost data.

2.When we use recovery program to recover data from Mac, don't save the recovered files to another place rather than the original one.